Hello world!

– the opening comment that comes with such a blog as this is simply too sweet, so I am leaving the “Hello world!”…
(this has the funny side-effect of backdating my first post – it’s like a time warp)

Welcome to Jesper W. of Copenhagen’s commentary track, I should say right away that even though I am (no really, I am) of Copenhagen and very Danish, I will be authoring this blog in english. This is because I find it easier to share across the scope of my Danish and not-so-Danish friends, colleagues and connections this way around.

Not being snobb’ish about the lingo, promise.

Anyway, this being the first post on my new channel I shall keep it brief – in the news: This.
Oh, and my webshop, do go ahead and check it out, it’s nice: Jesper W. of Cph Webshop
I will be adding more custom designs soon…

If, on the off chance, you like my musings, have a wee browse at my other blog, primusmotor.wordpress.com – this will, however, require that you read Danish.

Thanks for stopping by – see you soon.

Jesper W.

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