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Eulogy for a stranger…

June 25, 2007

Strictly speaking I have no business talking about this but I feel the need to:

Yesterday, june 24th, the world became a little bit smaller and a little bit uglier – in Jamaica, the Powers That Be reached out and took away the lovely and talented Natasja Saad.

† Natasja Saad, june 24th 2007

I won’t climb on the pityful bandwaggon of claiming fan-ship now she is no longer here – Natasja’s thick, sweet, powerful voice melted through my ears (and any low moods I might have felt at the time) when, by chance, I heard her music, that’s all.

But she had something about her, something that made me feel like someone was gently and playfully slapping my face in time with the Jamaican beats, while wearing an ironic yet absolutely friendly smile – something that, as naive as this may sound, felt Bona Fide and true.

Maybe that is why I feel so profoundly saddened by the death of someone I’ve never met, because she just isn’t out there, in the world somewhere, anymore.

My heart goes out to the people to whom Natasja meant so much more than she ever could to her audience – her family, her friends.

Rest in peace Natasja.

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The first date

June 10, 2007

As those who subscribe to the new DesignMatters may (or may not) have noticed, yours truly got to make a small thumb print on this edition – I am refering to the article about the workshop arranged by Sapa & RIAS in march, at which I was one of the happy campers.
(The repeat took place just this thursday and I understand the second iteration was just as good as the first)


That’s nice indeed – makes me feel listened to, certainly, but more importantly, the subject matter is cruicial: Creatives and industry need to get to know each other. That’s why I address it yet again (besides commenting to the reporter from DesignMatters I wrote about it in my PM blog as well), and I’ll probably bring it up at the get-together in Designbrancheforeningen on wednesday if I get half a chance (stay tuned for my comments on that after the event…).

The designers of the future will be the ones who grasp the reality they’re creating for – not just the advertising campaign or the end user, but the entire process, where it begins, where it is going and how it’s supposed to get there.
True innovation will be happening in the crossfield between creativity and engineering, during the process of making something new.

I’ll just underscore that point: – During the process of making something new…

You tell me – why am I emphasizing this?

Jesper W.
sunny day

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