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Was it all for naught? – the iPad

January 27, 2010

It’s out: Apple’s iPad.

And if you know me you know that not having had my hands on it will never deter me from forming an opinion – this time, that happened right quick:

It would seem Apple have lost their collective mind. This is the first time since the Performa series that a new product from Apple didn’t get me thinking “I want that and I can’t believe I could ever live without it!!”.

In my eyes, no amount of slick video and uber-hype (from Jony Ive he-self no less) can gloss over the obvious fact that they made a screen which can’t stand or sit on any surface as it doesn’t have feet or a bottom or anything, and also doesn’t have a handle of any kind.
They defend this by comparing it with a book or a magazine but this is neither – it’s a computer without a keyboard, that you hold by the screen.


OK, try this: – turn your laptop sideways and grab it by the upper screen edge. Try to ignore the awkward weight distribution (the iPad is, of course, not unbalanced like that), and try to imagine yourself… actually, what exactly is it you’re supposed to be doing with this thing?
You’re not working, because working, as it involves computers and the internet, requires writing, and this thing doesn’t have a keyboard. Using the touch screen one for actual work would be like writing a small essay on a 9-key phone keypad.

You’re also not kicking back watching a movie, because even the smallest of TVs, as well as your laptop, has a screen at least twice as big as this one, and can be placed before you – the iPad has to be held.
Or leaned against the wall or a can of beans or something.

If you’re checking your email you’re using the iPad because you have to – because mostly that means having to write back, enter stuff in calendars and to-do-lists etc., and this thing doesn’t have a keyboard (I may have already mentioned that).

So it would seem Apple put their considerable powers to work in creating a device you only need when you can’t get to your actual computers, and for some reason also don’t have your iPhone with you.

Apple should know better – they know that most of the stuff we use computers for requires navigation around interfaces of many sorts. If they didn’t acknowledge this, then why give us the Magic Mouse?
They have also consistantly had the best, most consistant and most intuitive hotkey layouts in their OS since the days of yore, and they gave us Spaces, Exposé and Sneak Peak – all functions of the OS which make navigating easier by putting powerful tools at our fingertips.

Now, they seem hell-bent on taking tools away from us, leaving us, ironically, with just the fingertips.

I don’t want that, and what’s more, I’d like for Apple to stop playing one-up with their own iPhone by giving us hi-tech versions of “Babys First Pointing Book”, and get back to making the worlds greatest computers and OS better…

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Cross-web beta

March 31, 2009

You saw that button called “cross-web navigation”, which activates a sort-of top bar at my main site there?

(hey, maybe the bar is above this very blog right now!)

Well, I was inspired by Unhub (thanks for the heads-up, Mindjumpers), who were in turn inspired by Skittles, to make my various identities across the web more readily available to my audience (in so far as I have one).
It can be a good idea, I think – at least if your various sites support each other and whatever purpose you made them for.

So I went ahead and whipped up this little thing – it’s in beta so far, and has only been tested for appearance in Safari; if you’re on another browser, consider this my style disclaimer.
Definitely works on the principle of KISS but I think it does the job.

So maybe I’ll keep it around…

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I told ya!

March 3, 2009

Remember how, back in an earlier post, I sort-of casually mentioned how easy it would be to add a sign-up for a newsletter at my shiny new website?


Here you go – still did it myself, promise, using only what I could find on the internet in terms of guidance.

Now, all I have to do is pepper my soon-to-be-enormous fan base with creative wisdom.

And trust me, I will – irregular, sure, but wise it will be, creative it will be. Or, at the very least, funny.

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Hoops and plastics

February 28, 2009

This… well this is a classic of mine – must be at least a lot of years old I guess.

Actually it is really simple, some metal hoop and then a sort-of hammock for your tushy – the original version had a leather seat, trimmed to look as if you were sitting in the palm of a glove.

And then I moved on to this, the indoor/outdoor version:

by JWcph

The cutaways, aside from looking cool and providing flexibility, also let water drain from the seat – if you’ve left it out or, say, happen to sit in it wearing wet swimwear (and I certainly prefer imagining it at the beach or pool in the sun, over standing out in the rain at night).

Another edition would have a soft rubber seat with air pockets – mainly because it looked rather wicked I thought:

by JWcph

This was before I went all ACD, you might say – but make no mistake, I still want things to look wicked!

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Huzzah, the new website!

February 18, 2009

This may not be very comme il faut but I feel like congratulating myself just a tiny bit – the new site at is up as of today! Yay!

I’m particularly happy about this one because this time, not only did I design it (of course, the previous one was of my own design too) but I also programmed it all myself.

Actually, I mention this for a reason (as you may have guessed) – this was, and is, a project…

This internet thingy, well, let’s just say it’s keeping JW on his toes, being an experience nerd – I don’t think a single day goes by that I don’t, in some way, have thoughts about how this medium is used. Some do it this way, others that and the other, but in my opinion, far too many websites (considering how long we’ve had for practice) succumb to the scourge of technology:

Discordance between purpose and the underlying tech & mechanics


(you thought I was going to say “feature overload”, didn’t you?)

So what I did was set out to define for myself how I wanted my website to look and feel, and what I wanted it to do – and then get my own hands dirty and see if I could indeed do this, without having to become some kinda professor and without forcing the hand of my users, or annoying them (technically speaking – if you’re annoyed at my style, that’s entirely allowed).

I didn’t think it had to be that bad, since a site such as this has very few functions – no databases or sign-ups (although I could have added a newsletter real easy – maybe I’ll do that one of these days), just pure presentation, which is all a lot of sites do, so I decided part of it would be doing it myself (if a non-coder can, it’s a strong argument against technological difficulty as a reason for not-too-well-done websites, right?)

I also don’t like flash sites very much (no offense intended, my previous site was flash) – I think it breaks the conventions of navigating the net, but not in a good way in and of itself.
It’s all down to the flash programmer, and that can mean too much freedom, because the function of this type of site has to be rather simple – and doing simple things should never be complicated just for the hell of it (even if it looks good in flash).

So the mission was to find out how close I could get to my initial vision, using only basic code, no embedded flash or any such stuff, and getting all my info off the web (did the weirdest google searches I’ve ever done).

Well, I got pretty close – the new site looks like I want and does what I want it to, so: Mission accomplished.

Until I change my mind.

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360 Winnett

February 14, 2009

This may be a little late, but anyway…

Here’s an interesting project I’ve been following almost since it started – some people are building a house and sharing every step of the way with us, the internet people:

360 Winnett

It’s fun to be able to see a home being created somewhere across the world – also, interesting to see how things are done in Canada.

– and Jeremy takes some pretty good pictures, too.

Looking forward to see it all done…!

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3D, the super-tool – and fun, too

February 14, 2009

You may have noticed, if indeed you’ve been around at my site and this blog at all, that I render stuff in virtual 3D a lot.

I find this is, well, a great deal of fun to work with, but also a great tool, both in the design process and when it comes to presenting stuff to other people.

For example, I was charged with designing and building a wall of shelves for a private home – now, this is not the kind of project where you’ll normally see a lot of previz going on but I have a fast 3D pipeline, you see.
So in short order I took some measurements off the room and rendered out some proposals, of which this one was chosen:

wall render
notice the clever use of set dressing!

Of course, with my well-done 3D model, it was rather a simple matter of ordering the materials and building the actual wall of shelves in their actual living room – see:

wall IRL
– and notice the even cleverer set dressing now!

The doors, in case you’re wondering, are push-to-open.

Built to last, too – I’m told the children of the house use it as a climbing wall…

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Voluptuous form – the Merry M.

February 14, 2009

Some time ago now, I worked for a while as an external design consultant for a furniture factory in Poland called Yask – you’ll (not) know them for building some very hefty oak tables for ILVA, maybe.

But none as hefty as this one…

Merry Monroe by JWcph

At the time I would come up with ideas for furniture lines, designs and design changes – mostly those would go through further alterations and either enter the line… or not.

This was different however, as the Merry Monroe went straight from my drawings to the factory floor, and it’s still in production – although not for every home; the legs alone measure some 24 by 24 centimeters, and it’s about as heavy as a piano.

Get yours now – and remember, they may deliver it to your house, but they probably won’t carry it up the stairs…

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Good Lord, how time flies…!

February 13, 2009

Have you ever been away from home for a loooong time, then returned and proceeded to remove the white sheets from the furniture, wipe away the dust and cobwebs and re-inserting yourself into your own space – feeling comfy and I’ve-come-home-ish all the while?

I never have – but I assume it must feel a bit like this.

The Channel has been somewhat dormant for a while, for several reasons – more about that in a moment – but it is now time that I want to reinsert myself into this, my quasi-professional blog space, and resume blogging about creativity.

Mostly my own, but I’m sure there will be due references to others as well.

Since last I’ve been working as chief of communications for Mekavi, where I’ve created a communicative identity virtually from scratch – it was, and is, a sound company with a good agenda: Bringing designer lighting to all, but without much history of, or ideas about, telling anybody that.


had a serious hand in making it look this good, too

This is where I came in.

Mekavi is now featured regularly in every design magazine in Denmark (as well as many a blog, including Modern Urban Living and Copenhagen Collage) and has a steady growing following in the creative communities, as well as beginning (these things take time) to blaze into the minds of the general public – a job well begun, still lots to do though…

I also had a lot to do with how the website looks and works at present, not to mention the upgrade we’re currently working on – just you wait and see…

(in other duties, I am a lighting consultant, design advisor – in-house and out – and also do general sales. Many caps)

Obviously, I’ve had a full day of writing stuff then (there’s also a company blog, and one at Decorate), and on top of that I’ve been doing a bit of communications-related blogging at Kforum – and for all this, The Channel has suffered.

But no more.

I’m back baby!

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BigBagel is finally home

September 16, 2007

I am deeply pleased to be able to officially announce this – the once estranged, homeless, allbut orphaned BigBagels have finally ended their days of roaming aimlessly about the countryside…

That is because they have found a loving home – a spacious place where their opulent size is nay longer an impairment, but rather a cool feature. Surrounded by (reasonably) happy party people they’ve sunken into their own at the great culture & event location Docken, and as you can see I’m very relieved:


Photo by Jesper Friis // cphmass

– and this is what it looks like at event time – comfy eh?

Snapshot courtesy of Sten Lundager

So bottom line: after a lot of getting around, premiering in Bella Center a couple years ago, then taking a trip to TEKO, then some events, such as “Routes” in Øksnehallen and some afterparty-thingy following NMA, plus a short stop-over at Coach Partner, the social furniture eventually, and by obscure routes, came to their rights as such.

(to anyone who’s envious of these, I fully understand because they’re unbelievably cool – get in touch with me to buy your very own, custom sizes & color schemes available)

Thanks to Michael Friis and everybody at Docken for adopting my babies.

– and JW is a happy camper…

Photo by Jesper Friis // cphmass

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