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Hoops and plastics

February 28, 2009

This… well this is a classic of mine – must be at least a lot of years old I guess.

Actually it is really simple, some metal hoop and then a sort-of hammock for your tushy – the original version had a leather seat, trimmed to look as if you were sitting in the palm of a glove.

And then I moved on to this, the indoor/outdoor version:

by JWcph

The cutaways, aside from looking cool and providing flexibility, also let water drain from the seat – if you’ve left it out or, say, happen to sit in it wearing wet swimwear (and I certainly prefer imagining it at the beach or pool in the sun, over standing out in the rain at night).

Another edition would have a soft rubber seat with air pockets – mainly because it looked rather wicked I thought:

by JWcph

This was before I went all ACD, you might say – but make no mistake, I still want things to look wicked!

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3D, the super-tool – and fun, too

February 14, 2009

You may have noticed, if indeed you’ve been around at my site and this blog at all, that I render stuff in virtual 3D a lot.

I find this is, well, a great deal of fun to work with, but also a great tool, both in the design process and when it comes to presenting stuff to other people.

For example, I was charged with designing and building a wall of shelves for a private home – now, this is not the kind of project where you’ll normally see a lot of previz going on but I have a fast 3D pipeline, you see.
So in short order I took some measurements off the room and rendered out some proposals, of which this one was chosen:

wall render
notice the clever use of set dressing!

Of course, with my well-done 3D model, it was rather a simple matter of ordering the materials and building the actual wall of shelves in their actual living room – see:

wall IRL
– and notice the even cleverer set dressing now!

The doors, in case you’re wondering, are push-to-open.

Built to last, too – I’m told the children of the house use it as a climbing wall…

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Voluptuous form – the Merry M.

February 14, 2009

Some time ago now, I worked for a while as an external design consultant for a furniture factory in Poland called Yask – you’ll (not) know them for building some very hefty oak tables for ILVA, maybe.

But none as hefty as this one…

Merry Monroe by JWcph

At the time I would come up with ideas for furniture lines, designs and design changes – mostly those would go through further alterations and either enter the line… or not.

This was different however, as the Merry Monroe went straight from my drawings to the factory floor, and it’s still in production – although not for every home; the legs alone measure some 24 by 24 centimeters, and it’s about as heavy as a piano.

Get yours now – and remember, they may deliver it to your house, but they probably won’t carry it up the stairs…

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BigBagel is finally home

September 16, 2007

I am deeply pleased to be able to officially announce this – the once estranged, homeless, allbut orphaned BigBagels have finally ended their days of roaming aimlessly about the countryside…

That is because they have found a loving home – a spacious place where their opulent size is nay longer an impairment, but rather a cool feature. Surrounded by (reasonably) happy party people they’ve sunken into their own at the great culture & event location Docken, and as you can see I’m very relieved:


Photo by Jesper Friis // cphmass

– and this is what it looks like at event time – comfy eh?

Snapshot courtesy of Sten Lundager

So bottom line: after a lot of getting around, premiering in Bella Center a couple years ago, then taking a trip to TEKO, then some events, such as “Routes” in Øksnehallen and some afterparty-thingy following NMA, plus a short stop-over at Coach Partner, the social furniture eventually, and by obscure routes, came to their rights as such.

(to anyone who’s envious of these, I fully understand because they’re unbelievably cool – get in touch with me to buy your very own, custom sizes & color schemes available)

Thanks to Michael Friis and everybody at Docken for adopting my babies.

– and JW is a happy camper…

Photo by Jesper Friis // cphmass

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